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Salt River Sculpture Studio

Photo Gallery

Child's Play Child's Play Child's Play Child's Play, a limestone and aluminum version of a child's stick horse, was completed originally for Salt River Sculpture Park, to be situated along the river as a witty seahorse. However, as I teach art at Bullitt East High School, home of the Chargers, it seemed fitting to donate the sculpture to my school as the beginning of a bigger vision for arts immersion at BEHS. The sculpture sits adjacent to our school's gym, facing Highway 44 in Mt. Washington, KY. 197961726 Child's Play 197961727 Child's Play 197961728 Child's Play 197961729 Child's Play, detail 197961730 Child's Play, detail 197961731 Child's Play, detail 197961732 Child's Play, detail 197961733 Child's Play, detail 197961734 Child's Play, detail 197961735 198666564 198666565 198666566 198666567 198666568 198666569 198666570