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Jason G. Kelty resides in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Weekdays, he teaches Visual Art at Bullitt East High School, Mt. Washington, Kentucky. This 2020-21 academic year marks JK's 15th year blessed at BEHS.  

Otherwise, he can be found at Salt River Sculpture Studio. The studio is also a place of instruction, as well as collaboration, site-specific art, commission work, and a growing sample of gallery-ready artwork.

Reclining Papaw


Work in progress

11450 Highway 44 East

Mt. Washington, KY 40047 

Principal Chris Mason


BEHS schedule 2020-21

1 Art 1

2 Art 1

3 Draw/Paint (Ceramics S2021)

4 Draw/Paint (Ceramics S2021)

5 Draw/Paint (Ceramics S2021)

6 Art 2-4

7 planning

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